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After reading the book, The Believer, Prayers and Tongues by Apostle KC Eze, my eyes were opened again to the power of prayers and the true meaning of praying for our enemies which has become a controversial topic in the body of Christ. This book is a guide for this generation of believers in the area of prayers and tongues. Apostle KC nailed it perfectly and unveiled the power of tongues. I recommend this book to all believers and to all denominations. God has spoken to me through this book.

Pastor Emmanuel Nzekwe

Before now, I have never bothered about this aspect of knowledge because there were limited and misinformed materials about Angels making it very difficult to accurately understand the ministry of angels. This book Receiving Angelic Ministry by Apostle KC Eze brings to light one of our inheritance in Christ that is very important in living a victorious life here on earth. I recommend this book for all believers interested in maximizing their inheritance in Christ.

Mrs. Favour Amarachi Eze, Wife of Author, Human Resource Professional

Every Christian has angels attached to him or her just as royalties have servants, guards or escorts, Christians have theirs as angels. The ignorance of availability of angels to your disposal doesn’t remove the fact of their existence. Use or deploy yours to active use and see the beauty of God’s creation. Apostle KC in simple and yet holistic approach did justice to this subject and you will be glad you read through.

Apostle Okey Ajogwu

The book isn’t a rant about prayer/tongues, it is the whole counsel of God as regards the subject, prayer. In a time such as this where several opinions of men fly around to confuse the untaught, this book gives a proper explanation about a vital lifestyle needed to keep the fit as a spiritual being. I recommend this to every believer

— ADENIYI ADETILEWA JOSHUA, Minister, RoyalPriesthood Gospel Movement

Most believers would get to heaven only to discover that they have never scratched one tenth of their inheritance in Christ. In this book, Receiving Angelic Ministry, Apostle KC clearly explains all about the angelic including the wrong teachings that have gone down along this line and how to engage their ministry. This another timely work! After going through this work, all I could say was ‘Meal is served!’ Take hold of this, eat as you would eat your favorite delicacy.

Henry Onyedikachi, Lead Pastor, Platform of Grace

Prayer as a prerequisite for constant communication between Divinity and Humanity has been highly debated on as regards to Why, How, When and Where it should be handled. Many Centuries and ages battled with these questions and it’s possible solutions. These Books have come as an answer to these questions. I have learnt so much from them, especially the book on ‘Receiving Angelic Ministry’. I believe the eyes of many will be enlightened the more through the simplicity of the revelations of these books. This knowledge will help the believers to maximize the gift of Prayer and the Service of Angels.

Udoye Okechukwu Ifesinachi, Music Minister


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